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Fresh -the protagonist of Pickpockets- is a young Bogota man who, along with his faithful friend Doggy, spends his days touring the center of Bogotá, stealing wallets. The Gemini Man film starts with the routine of the two: groping pockets, poking briefcases and running away from the police. After “work” hours, they save the day’s earnings in the trunk of an old and rusty car. There they deposit the silver, cards, credit cards and key rings. The camera portrays his adventures, his accomplices laughter and addiction to the adrenaline typical of two 18-year-olds who do not want to be bad people, but who became obsessed with the challenge of stealing without being discovered.

Soon they meet Chucho, a security guard from Madrid who hides from a murky past in Bogotá. He is willing to teach them how to be pickpockets effectively, without running so much risk. At the same time, Juana appears, a graffiti artist who spends her days on the street like them, but who does Stalked by a Reality Star not really need to do so, since she comes from a wealthy family in the city. The story is narrated as if Bogotá were another character: its avenues, the Transmilenio Las Aguas station, the murals that flood the city with street art, the big buildings, the rumbas in a canteen or any nightclub, the cockfights in The outskirts of the city and organized crime portray the chaotic life in the city.

The work, in addition, bets to narrate from the fiction a history that separates of common subjects in the commercial billboard of the Colombian cinema as they are the drug trafficking, the war or the typical national comedy. “I had wanted to make this film for a long time, but with Spinning Man the success of La joven de la perla, my career went in a different direction. That’s why it was so refreshing for me to make this film. The story is very universal: it is a story about the arrival to adulthood, it is the story of a young man who tries to find his way in the world, having to choose between good and evil, “says Webber.

Duration: 108 min


IMDb: 5.1