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FLCL Progressive

FLCL Progressive

Well, this is probably going to be divisive. Coming off probably the strongest spectacle showing FLCL Progressive has had in its whole run, Production I.G outsources another episode to result in a more-surreal-than-usual experience. Whether it’s good surrealism or not will largely be up to each viewer, but I don’t think it would be out of place to categorize this shift as jarring. With distinctive linework that appears almost unfinished at times, this whole episode comes off even more disconnectedly dream-like than even the dream sequences of previous episodes. In terms of insanely cryptic visual metaphor, this is probably the strongest FLCL Progressive yet, washing over you quickly without lacking for intensity.

That isn’t to say that the visuals in this episode are bad by any means. Once you get accustomed to the changeup, there’s as much energetic action and visual cleverness here as the best parts of the previous episodes. The dream sequence is a treat as always, pointedly free of dialogue to result in a positively haunting cold open. It’s almost enough to make me wish the whole episode looked like this, but that would detract from its unique visual power. Manga mode also returns, albeit in a different form from its infamous usage in the original series. The extremely simple shojo-manga presentation in contrast with the intensity of the memories it represents for Hidomi creates a viscerally unique effect, and of course we can’t ignore the final minutes of the episode, which feature an incompletely transformed mecha-Hidomi taking on Haruko in a fluidly animated battle. In terms of its visuals, this is an episode worth talking about, whether you liked it or not.

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