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Deep Blue Sea 3

The summer months are always a good claim for movies that feature a bunch of killer sharks as “villains”. Or destructive sharks. Or flying sharks. Or zombie sharks. Or flying Nazi zombie sharks. It is in these months when the producers decide to bring their most dissuasive films when it comes to getting into the water of the beaches, lakes or slightly large pools. Sky Sharks Tapes like Sharknado or Deep Blue Sea attest to this.

Deep Blue Sea 3 full Metascore

The third installment of Deep Blue Sea is coming this summer to Rakuten TV. The saga created by Renny Harlin returns with new genetically advanced sharks and unpromising plans for humanity.

Deep Blue Sea 3 will feature the arrival of a group of marine biologists Deep Blue Sea 2 at a facility built on an old island city, very close to the place where the Great White Sharks reproduce to perpetuate the species.

Unfortunately for the group of biologists, the genetically advanced sharks that managed to escape in the second installment will also walk around the area with their own plans, which are to meet the best white shark specimens to be even more terrifying in the film . What can go wrong? Of course the heat that makes these days invites us to take a dip. If they have to eat us In the Heart of the Sea so be it. It will have been worth it.

Deep Blue Sea 3 will arrive on August 8 at Rakuten. So if you are fans of sharks, you have a must see with the film.

Duration: 99 min


IMDb: 4.6

Deep Blue Sea 3
Deep Blue Sea 3