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Some boats come to a beach with people of color, some adults but, above all, children. They disembark as they can and they go up in line a dune, watched over by The Realm individuals. It is not perceived what will be behind that mountain of sand that costs them so much to climb. Apparently, a new contingent of slaves, but the view of the spectator of 2018 performs a different reading and accommodates it to its present, thanks to the intelligent distance of the camera: boats and immigrants in a new country.

Divided into three chapters, Angelo, on paper could be defined as the origin, rise and fall of Angelo Soliman. Slave from 10 years, after his arrival in Marseille, assistant Blaze cameraman and preceptor in the house of the princes of Liechtenstein. Angelo Soliman secretly married a maid in 1768. The Liechtenstein, opposed to marriage between servants (until recently, society did not accept the marriage of all), they dismissed him as soon as they heard about it.

In 1781 he joined the Viennese Masonic lodge and frequented personalities and illustrious of his time. After his death, at the edge of the eighteenth century, it was dissected Burden and exhibited at the Museum of Natural History in Vienna. Although her daughter tried to recover her burial, her remains remained there until a fire during the revolution of 1848, where they probably would still have been if the total destruction of the museum by fire had not occurred.

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